Welcome to the ace one

Welcome to the ace one

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Welcome to the ace one

We are pleased to announce that our founder, Sheyla Abdic, won the National Start Something With Alesse contest, allowing her to start Ace One Tutors along with the Ace One Tutors Scholarship Fund.

The idea for Ace One Tutors was born out of the realization that a few very imperative aspects of the ‘tutoring world’ in Toronto are missing.

For one, our experience is that the vast majority of students consider it extremely difficult to find a tutor that is plain and simple good! “I’ve tried so many tutors before, and no one is like you” and “I’m sticking with you!” are only some of the few examples our master tutor and owner, Sheyla Abdic, would hear when tutoring various students all over the GTA. Essentially, what it really comes down to is the fact that most tutors who call themselves tutors do not seem to be working in favor of their students. It becomes pretty evident, then, that their main agenda is mostly monetary gain. What we at Ace One Tutors recognize, however, is that tutoring is more than just sitting down with a student to assist them in completing their homework assignments. It is an opportunity to build a meaningful and fruitful relationship with one another, in order to facilitate easy learning, a fun experience and to allow for self-growth and motivational progress. The students we work with love us, want to continue to stay with us, and recognize the potential we have in being the best after-school help there is.

Ace One Tutors also identifies the fact that youth today is mostly accessible through the online world. We pride ourselves in being proficiently knowledgeable on online communication strategies, to ensure we speak the youth’s language of today. At the end of the day, our intention is not to ‘bore’ our fast paced youth with old-school methods. We offer sophisticated online communication and networking tools, to ensure tutor accessibility and visibility for the student. With this being said, Ace One Tutors is working on a practical online booking system, which will allow students to book their tutoring sessions online. Furthermore, all our tutors will be visible through extensive online profiles, much like a facebook profile, allowing students to get to know their tutors before meeting with them in person. So please make sure to check back regularly to view our progress!

Additionally, as mentioned before, Ace One Tutors is connected to its own Scholarship Fund. Our owner, Sheyla Abdic, has maintained a very close relationship with low income neighbourhoods and high risk youth in the GTA. Part of your contribution to Ace One Tutors will proceed towards our scholarship, allowing low income families to purchase tutoring lessons as well as helping high achieving students with monetary grants. At Ace One Tutors, we recognize that education represents one of the main predictors of overcoming poverty, and it is exactly that which we are proud to be a part of. We would feel honored to have you become a part of our initiative, so please ensure to come back to our website to read up on our news and future development. We are also accessible through facebook and twitter!

Thank you again for your interest in Ace One Tutors and we will be delighted to see you again!


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