Other Services of an Abortion Clinic

Other Services of an Abortion Clinic

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An abortion Clinic would provide with a lot more other services than just abortion. Overall gynecological health is important for every woman and she should make sure that she has her routine check up done every few months to make sure that she is healthy. It is not limited to reproductive health alone, but other health issues that a woman can face in her lifetime, including screening for breast cancer and cervical cancer.

Routine Gynecological examinations help in the detection of various problems that a woman can face, like thrush, Chlamydia, genital warts, HPV, Herpes, Gonorrhea and HIV/Aids and immediate care can be taken to make sure that most of these conditions are taken care of at the earliest. Every clinic has its own set of routine examinations which include a Pap Smear, breast exam, lab work for blood and urine and pelvic exam, and all of these mentioned tests are important to rule out any issues with a woman might face. Some clinics also allow culture tests to be done to make sure that there are no sexually transmitted diseases, and if there are any, prompt care would be provided to make sure that the STD is taken care of.

Abortion and counseling after abortion is the main facility that is provided. Apart from that various contraceptives are also available with the clinic so that a woman can approach the clinic when the need arises. Birth control options are discussed in the clinic so that more women would not have to go through an abortion because of the negligence.

Pap smear is an important test that is important to diagnose cervical cancer, which is one of the commonest cancers that are a reason for the death of a number of women in these days. A Pap smear involves the use of a small brush that helps in collecting the on the surface cells from the cervix. It is a painless procedure and can take no more that a minute to take the sample. The pap smear will help a health service provider detect any abnormal cell changes in the cervix and also help in early detection as there are no other signs to diagnose cervical cancer. A pap smear is advised on a yearly basis for sexually active women and the frequency can decrease if earlier Pap smear tests have been normal.

Breast cancer screening is also an important test that is available with abortion clinics as breast cancer is also one other reason for death of women worldwide. Early detection is important in treating cancer, and having a routine check up at the clinic will help you stay at ease. Breast cancer has become very common and one in every eight women has been diagnosed with breast cancer these days. Make sure that you inform your health care provider if you have noticed something abnormal about your breasts or if you have a family history of breast or other form of cancer. Women above 40 years of age need to get a mammogram to detect cancer, while young women can have a normal breast exam.


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