Types of Relaxation Techniques that May Help Cancer Patients

Types of Relaxation Techniques that May Help Cancer Patients

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Cancer identification and the succeeding treatments lead to anxiety. Patients constantly worry about their present situation and how it reduces the quality of their lives. A number of them are not able to go back to work and school, while some can no longer participate in social activities; hence, they feel socially disconnected. It is in this aspect that they require stronger assistance from friends and family. But to fight stress more efficiently, they also need relaxation techniques. They do not directly act as alternative cancer treatments but they contribute in reducing the burden of cancer patients, as well as in lowering cancer symptoms. Some of them are:

Deep-Breathing Exercise

Shallow breathing, which is caused by anxiety, results in the buildup of carbon dioxide inside the body. Deep-breathing exercise can make you feel relaxed. Simply breathe in profoundly from your diaphragm. Hold it for as long as you can then exhale gently. Repeat this process repeatedly until you feel peaceful.


As the term implies, imagery is creating images on your mind. You can begin by lying down on your bed and shutting your eyes. Imagine a place identified to beauty and tranquility like beach front. Suppose you are resting on a hammock, experiencing the waves as they dance and sing a calming song. Just imagine your family as they happily swim in the crystal clear water and have fun with the waves. Think of their laughter. You will understand as you open your eyes and bring yourself back to reality, you feel a lot better.

You may opt to perform imagery before you go to the hospital for your regular therapy sessions. This will somehow brighten your mood thereby causing you to be more positive about what you will be doing. You will be shocked to notice that you no longer feel as stressful as before. This may not be a primary alternative cancer treatment but it surely enhances your well-being, which will contribute a lot to the way you respond to cancer cures.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This kind of relaxation technique involves tensing particular muscle groups and afterwards permitting them to relax. As you do this, lie down on your bed. Make sure that you are in a comfortable position and clothing. Close your eyes and feel the soundless place. Think about yourself.

For a start, wrinkle your forehead. Let your eyebrows reach your hairline. Stay in this pose for five seconds then relax. Concentrate on your eyes. Close it tightly (you will notice that your nose will move as well). Scowl and you move the muscles in your lips, cheeks and jaw. Stretch your arms in front while tightening your fists. You will feel the relaxation in your hands. Follow this up because they build tension in your forearms, upper arms, shoulders, back, stomach, hips and buttocks, thighs, feet and toes. If you think some muscles are still feeling tensed, go back and do this again two to three times.

It is but common for cancer patients like you to search for alternative cancer treatments because you hope to maximize your chances for survival. Relaxation is one way to enhance your condition that will truly contribute on how you will respond to cancer therapies.


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