Cancer Blood Test – What Sorts Of Cancer Are Detected From Blood Lab Tests?

Cancer Blood Test – What Sorts Of Cancer Are Detected From Blood Lab Tests?

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Though once elusive and infrequent, cancer has become a virtual plague amid society as we know it; the mere threat of it has caused lots of people to seek out cancer blood test as a method of proactive prevention. Individuals tend to take over-reactive yet insignificant steps to avoid “getting” cancer. They merely consume bottled water; they never get out in the sunlight, they don’t ingest some food colorings, etc. What they do not seem to understand is that genetically speaking, some can be predisposed to various kinds of cancer.

If one’s parent suffered from heart disease, it is likely that the child will show symptoms as an adult of anomalies associated with the heart. Similarly, if a man’s or woman’s grandmother suffered from breast cancer, it will be advisable for the man or woman to be examined by an oncologist a soon as possible. A lot of people even do not realize that as medical technology has advanced, certain blood tests could screen for several different types of cancer. Blood can be drawn, and specific markers are sought as ancillary symptoms of cancer. These symptoms or markers are distinct proteins which can be produced from cancer cells, though they tend to differ depending on the kind of cancer found. The question then arises. What kind of cancers could actually be detected from blood tests?

One specific blood test, the DR-70, is a single test that simultaneously screens for thirteen kinds of cancer. Individuals who are predisposed to one or more types of cancer depending on their family history may not necessarily show any signs, but yet would like to know if something could perhaps be amiss; they may like to be proactive in determining any possibility of future troubles since it is medically proven that early medical diagnosis saves lives. Through this specific test, the possible cancer blood test indicators are for breast cancer, esophageal cancer, colon cancer, both stomach and liver cancer and lung cancer not necessarily associated with the usage of tobacco.

Also detectable with the DR-70 test are indicators for rectal cancer, cervical cancer, cancer of the thyroid, lymphatic cancer, melanoma, cancer of the pancreas and ovarian cancer. It is important to keep in mind that no two patients would have the same cancer blood test results. A few will naturally have different quantities of certain proteins in their bodies than others. Moreover, the markers or proteins which could indicate the chance of cancer through bad proteins called immunoglobulins could sometimes be skewed by normal levels of the T and Tn antigens, which all human beings have in their blood. Only a specialist in this profession can accurately discern between the good and the bad, hence assumptions must not be made until the specialist has had ample opportunity to study the blood test results.

This is not to state that there are no other more particular tests utilized to determine cancer in the body however these are not necessarily always linked to blood draws. For example, where the DR-70 can detect colorectal or colon cancer, other tests like the colonoscopy, the colonography and the double contrast barium enema could more accurately detect cancer of the colon than the colon cancer blood test. Also, ovarian cancer blood test other than the DR-70 do exist, although they are far less accurate than the DR-70. An example of this is the CA-125 test. CA-125 is a biomarker or in other words, a tumor indicating protein that in the case of ovarian cancer cells is present in far greater amounts than say, liver cancer cells.


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