Breast Cancer Causes

Breast Cancer Causes

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Any mutation in DNA of breast cells leads to breast cancer and analyzing breast cancer causes can greatly help in understanding them and taking preventive measures accordingly.

1st cause could be heredity where the BRCA 1and BRCA2 tumor suppressors undergo mutations or alterations and lead to breast cancer, genetically speaking.

You can find no certain details about how these DNA mutations that may trigger breast cancer occur and it can only be stated that reviewing some risk factors can point out to a potential occurrence of this issue in future, if preventive measures are not taken right away.
Here again, danger aspects are not by themselves indicative of whether or not a person can get breast cancer or not. For example, some danger factors can be worked upon like smoking or drinking also diets even though some like a family history or age or race cannot be worked upon and can only be endured.

1. Breast Cancer Causes could consist of risk factors like:

1.1Gender girls are much more prone to breast cancer than men

1.2 Age As females you can find probabilities of finding breast cancer

1.3 Genetic elements

1.4 individual history of getting cancer in 1 breast which could lead to a cancer on the other

1.5 household history

1.6 race exactly where African-American women are identified to be far more susceptible to breast cancer,
dense breast tissue,
certain benign breast issues,
Lobular Carcinoma in sity (LCISW)
1.7 menstrual cycle exactly where women began to start having periods at an early age like before 12 years or continue to have periods following 55 years

1.8 women who are exposed to radiation for treatment for some other cancer etc.

You will find also other contributory aspects that may lead to breast cancer.
1. For 1, women who have their first child at about 30 years stand a higher threat and it really is a fact to be noted that getting pregnant reduces the risk of breast cancers to an excellent extent, as this can lead to a reduction within the number of menstrual cycles, which incidentally, is one very essential threat factor for the occurrence of breast cancer.

2. Birth Control Pills also have a negative side effect of causing breast cancers in some females and it is constantly advisable to seek the opinion of a physician regarding the pros and cons of birth control pills before opting for them.

3. Use of combined hormonal therapy for post menopausal remedies that involve estrogen and progesterone addition can also lead to a threat of breast cancer occurrence and in case of using just estrogen addition, namely ET this danger seems to be reduced but then again if used for far more than a period of 10 years or so, it can also result in of breast cancer.

It could be greater to talk about together with your physician about this Post Hormonal Theraphy and if feasible take it in mild or decreased dosages for a short period of time to avoid the threat of breast cancer.

4. Not breast feeding the baby may also cause breast cancers and this could be on account of the reality that when a woman breast feeds the baby, the menstrual periods are lowered for that time of say 1 to two years and this can minimize the danger of breast cancer simply.

5. Alcohol consumption, obesity plus a lack of exercise can all result in breast cancer and it could be advisable to take steps to guarantee that these danger variables are eliminated totally for a wholesome and long life.


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