Asbestos And New York City

Asbestos And New York City

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The city of New York may be starting to recover nine years on from the 9/11 terrorist attacks but now the people of New York are suffering another terrible battle. The rescue workers who spent hours at ground zero in the hours and weeks after the attacks are now beginning to show the signs of the effects of the toxins they were exposed to.

One New York policeman, Glen Klein, has found himself having to retire from the force nine years on from 9/11 after suffering from serious health problems due to the chemical inhalation. He is one of around 10,000 rescue workers who are now ill as a result. He spent an estimated 800 hours working at the scene for the six months after the attacks, and his respiratory and gastrointestinal problems have been attributed to the work he did.

The rescue workers were only supplied with paper masks and did not have the correct respiratory cartridges it is now known. They were also told that the air around them was safe.

Glen Klein is a volunteer for ‘Feelgood Foundation’ a group set up with the aim in educating people about the plight of the rescue workers battle since 9/11

It is now known that more than 1000 fire-fighters who worked at the scene have had to retire due to medical reasons.

Ken Specht is a prime example of somebody who has suffered due to the exposure. The 41 year old lieutenant began getting ill i 2005 and at first suffered from a range of gastrointestinal complaints before needing an emergency operation to remove a rotten gall bladder and being treated for thyroid cancer.

Mr Specht has since said, The regular people in America support us – they understand what we did – but the federal government has sorely lacked in providing medical assistance and compensation. We are dying.”

Rescuers have now been offered a share in the $ 71 million dollar compensation fund, those who have been treated for illnesses resulting from the 9/11 situation will receive more compensation that those who are expecting to fall ill in years to come.

The collapse of the world trade centre released high levels of chemicals into the air, including asbestos, lead and mercury, as well as burning jet fuel and oil.


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